Brand Assessment

"I have an established brand, but something is missing."

So you’ve created a bit of a brand story so far. You’ve got a logo. You’ve set up your website and joined some social networks. Maybe you’ve opened a shop in your city. Maybe you’ve set up an email newsletter or online shopping cart.

Safe to say the branding wheels have been put into motion, but something has you stuck.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Word of mouth has been working for you, but you don’t feel confident in your brand image anymore because it doesn’t match your personality or your business goals
  • You bootstrapped your way to get started, but now you need to know how to compete on that next level in your industry
  • Customers are confused as to what you do or sell and the lack of consistency in your brand is turning people away
  • You’re not seeing traffic to your website or store convert into sales
  • Your brand isn’t attracting the type of people you were hoping for

Now, you could be struggling because your product or service just isn’t very good, but I highly doubt that.

There is a market for (pretty much) everything.

(Maybe not this)




It’s more likely that you don’t have the proper brand package or positioning in place for your business to reach the right people.




How can I help?

Having a Brand Assessment done on your business is a quick and affordable way to determine simple solutions you can take to reach your ideal customers, make more sales and grow your business.


What's included?

  • 3 One-on-One Sessions where we’ll dive deep into your business branding. By the last session you’ll be showing off your new and improved business brand.
  • Detailed Evaluation of my findings about your business, so you have a clear picture of the current position your business holds in the marketplace.
  • Custom Checklist of the areas of opportunity for you to improve your overall brand, along with detailed descriptions and instructions on how to do so.*
  • Ordered Action Steps will be provided, so you know what needs to be done and in what recommended order to do them. A plan without action is just a dream. So let’s get moving!
  • List of Resources to help you execute certain aspects of the recommendations.





What’s not required or included:

  • Stopping day to day operation of your business. Carry on business as usual. I’ll be behind the scenes gathering what I need to present my recommendations.
  • I won’t provide you with an exhaustive list of complicated changes you need to make. The list of action steps will more often than not be things you can complete yourself.
  • Any design or logo files. Though I do offer those services, the Brand Assessment process is not a design exercise. It is an in-depth review of where you can improve your branding to better meet your goals and objectives. This allows you to utilize any person, place or thing you wish to make the recommended improvements.
  • A second follow-up. Are there still some changes you’d like to make after our final follow-up call? Would you like my opinion once they’ve been implemented? I’d love to take another look, you can book additional revision rounds at my hourly rate of $75.

*Now I can appreciate that some of the steps required may not be items you’re willing or able to take on yourself. However, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction of relevant resources or businesses that can. I also offer monthly design and marketing services here.

Other service options include