The DIY brand solutions may have worked for awhile, but you and I both know the amount of time and money you are spending trying to learn new programs, using unqualified "helpers" and hodge podging your marketing materials with inconsistent branding is only hurting your overall brand integrity.

You need to feel confident in your business.




Hi! I’m Bre Johnson, a Brand Strategist, and my passion is helping businesses build confident, consistent, credible and creative brands.


Why do I do it?

There is no one single component that makes a brand successful.

I love the challenge of creating a brand that speaks directly to who you are as a business, what you offer and who your customers are.

Like a modern day (female) MacGyver of marketing, I whip together my creativity, leadership, and communication skills to create solutions to my clients seemingly unsolvable marketing problems. (I thank my parents for buying me these books as a child because to this day I love a good puzzle.)

Working together we determine a custom combination of integrated brand elements, expertly packaged and positioned for your dream audience. 


My Story



Growing up in a small town in Northern Ontario, there wasn’t a lot of activities for kids to do. A constantly curious child, I was often found creating in some way shape or form. From play dough to acrylic paints, sewing to piano I moulded, painted, stitched and played my way up to high school.

It wasn’t until we got our first home computer in the early 90’s that I found a new way to express my creativity digitally (using Paint and Word of course.

Connecting the dots

Uncertain what I wanted to do after high school I took my moms advice and combined my passion for art and technology into a career in Graphic Design. I loved being able to use technology to bring ideas to life and graduated the three year program with honours.

Now, living in a small town there weren't a lot of opportunities for an inexperienced 19-year-old designer. So, I spent the next year working at a government call centre (I gained some hella good customer service skills let me tell ya) and continued to freelance design on the side until I’d saved up enough money to move to a larger city across the province to study Photography. A compliment I felt to my design skills.

I loved that program as well and graduated with multiple awards. But, it wasn’t until I got into the grind of working as a photographer that it soon lost it’s lustre for me. I still liked taking pictures, but I quickly learned it wasn’t something I wanted to do full-time. I had the eye, but lacked the passion.

Not wanting to completely kibosh my design and photography education I looked for another avenue that would again compliment what I’d already learned.

My childhood curiosity had never wavered and the more I worked on side design projects the more I questioned “who is this for?” “where is this going?” “why would we do it this way?" "is there a better way?"

So, I went back to school … again … this time to study Business Marketing. Bingo!

I felt excited again. There were so many things to learn and different streams one could take. My college professors were incredible and constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone, seeing something in me I didn’t see in myself.

Taking part in multiple competitions, winning provincial and national titles, I solidified my true passion. Marketing.  


Freelance to full-time

Over the course of my education I continued freelancing. Having a handful of clients each year. A logo here, a menu there. I dabbled in web design, digital illustration and also continued to take on the odd photography client.

It took a few more years, and while working for different marketing agencies on both the design and client service sides, and teaching a college level visual communications course, it became clear; I wanted the flexibility of being my own boss and creating a career that fit my unique skills and strengths.

I’d always had this little voice inside my head saying “start your own business!” “you can do this!” “just do it already!” For years I’d been gathering info, taking courses and watching from the sidelines as others took the plunge.

A true type A personality there was no way I was making the leap without thorough planning. So, with the blessing from my husband (and months of savings banked) I gave my notice and quit my job.

And, here I am!



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