Brand Management

"I need help pulling my marketing together."

Is consistently inconsistent killing your business? 

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t market it effectively and consistently to your target audience you’re going to struggle. 

Why is consistency so important?

  1. Eliminates brand confusion - Having a unique and consistent brand allows you to create a business that is immediately recognizable and distinguished from your competitors.
  2. Manages perceptions - A consistent brand exudes professionalism and builds credibility.
  3. Aligns with your investment - If you’ve invested in a custom brand identity you’ll want to ensure that it’s being utilized to its full potential.

How great would it be to have someone in your business to call upon when you need new marketing collateral? 

Someone who understands the importance of design and marketing.

Who takes the time to get to know you and your business, while continually keeping your target audience in mind. 

Hiring a full-time employee is expensive and outsourcing to different vendors who may not value or understand the importance of your brand image can get complicated.




How can I help?

As someone who has developed numerous brand identities in the past, I know how important it is to have someone in your corner who can take what you’ve started and run with it.

That's why I created the Brand Management package options.


What's included?

  • Set Monthly Hours - We’ll work together to determine the number of hours required to complete the design/marketing projects you have in mind.
  • Flexible Timeframe - Based on the number of hours selected and projects required we’ll schedule accordingly over the course of a 3 month contract to ensure all projects are completed quickly and effectively for exactly when you need them.
  • Flexible Projects - As someone who’s worked in an agency for a number of years, I understand that things come up. By selecting hourly packages you have the flexibility to apply them to whatever projects come up throughout the month.
  • Discounted Rates - A discounted hourly rate is applied to all 3 month contract clients.
  • Hourly Tracker - I’ll be in touch throughout the month to let you know how many hours have been used and will send out friendly reminders for any unused hours.



Package Options



5 hours per month

Small budget? Big dreams? - This package is perfect for those looking for a little extra assistance each month with their marketing materials, such as;

  • Branded templates for your social media or websites
  • Social media graphics, including, but not limited to:
    • Facebook images, banners and ads
    • Instagram posts for quotes and questions
    • Pinterest images
  • Website, email and blog graphics
  • Static display ads
  • Print materials - business cards, brochures etc.

Cost: $350/mth


15 hours per month

Growing quickly? Projects piling up? - This package is perfect for those looking to stay on top of the ongoing monthly design demands of their business, such as;

  • Any of the "Basic" package elements +
  • Email campaign designs and graphics
  • Website layouts and graphics
  • Webinar or course materials, including, but limited to:
    • PDF files
    • Advertising graphics (social / website / email)

Cost: $999/mth


30 hours per month

New course? Recent rebrand? - This package is perfect for those looking for a partner in crime. Someone to help take the reigns on some of your larger projects, such as;

  • Any of the "Basic" or "Intermediate" elements +
  • Applying new or updated brand specs to existing areas of your marketing materials, for example;
    • Sell sheets
    • PDF documents
    • Presentations
  • Webinar or online course branding, including, but not limited to:
    • Overall brand direction
    • Marketing materials - Freebies, advertising etc.
    • Presentation files
    • Advertising graphics (social / website / email)

Cost: $1,999/mth




Starting and running a business is hard work.

Learning all the tools required to create custom designs and marketing collateral on your own is even harder.



What if I don’t use all my hours one month?

  • Don’t worry, this NEVER happens. There are so many exciting things we can create together to help your business.
  • Not sure what to do to fill your hours one month? Let’s jump on a call!

What if something comes up and I can't use all my hours? Can I transfer them to the next month or receive a refund?

  • I’ve created a very diligent schedule and work with a number of clients each month. I only book the number of hours I feel I can effectively execute. Therefore, I have clients scheduled into allotted slots months in advance.
  • I’m very selective with the clients I work with on a monthly basis to ensure it’s the correct fit for both of us. Throughout the month I send reminder emails acknowledging the number of hours you have remaining and ideas on marketing materials that may be of use to you in your business. 
  • To be fair to other clients and due to the tight schedule, there isn’t the flexibility to move one months hours to the next, nor can I provide a refund for hours that could have been filled by another.
  • If you have concerns please reach out to me at anytime -

When is payment required?

  • Full payment is required at the start of each month prior to beginning any hours.
  • For those interested in paying the full 3 month contract upfront there is a $100 discount applied to your package.

Other service options include